Drugs Not Working Anymore? Lasting Sobriety Is Possible!

Drugs Not Working Anymore? Lasting Sobriety Is Possible!

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The Royal Life Centers Detox Program Can Save Your Life

Finding a highly rated and qualified drug detox program is something that can be daunting to addicts looking to change their lives. Quite often the process of getting help can seem like an insurmountable mountain, and getting help for a drug addiction can feel like an overwhelming process. Royal Life Centers makes that decision easy, however, and our drug detox admissions process is designed to make your transition into sobriety easy, comfortable, and above all accessible. Don't deliberate and let the drugs sway your decision. Help and a new way of life are just one phone call away. You can get better.

Finding the Right Arizona Detox Center

When drugs and alcohol have made turned your life or the life of a loved one upside down, it's time to find a new way to live. Our detox center has helped countless families gain their loved ones back, and helped individuals pull their lives back from the brink of desolation. Many drug users and alcoholics find that their addiction has turned their lives into a blur of damaged relationships, missed opportunities, and other terrible living conditions.

All is not lost, and there is hope that you can get better. Finding the right detox center is not as difficult as you might think. Royal Life Centers' detox center and program offers hope and healing to those who need it most.

Drug Detox Center

When addicts and alcoholics are finally ready to get help and are committed to finding a new way to live, the first step is getting into a drug detox center. People who are addicted to alcohol, prescription pain pill, heroin, and many other illicit street drugs often require a safe, secure, and medically supervised drug detox center to start the recovery process.

Addiction and alcoholism are rooted in the mind, body, and spirit, but many drugs require medical supervision and intervention to safely come off of. When an addict is hooked on drugs that have a physical dependency, stopping cold turkey is not a safe option. Instead, our detox center will adequately assess each individual's medical needs and requirements, in order to allow them to detox off of the addictive substances safely.

What Kind of Drugs Require A Detox Center?

People who are addicted to drugs and alcohol typically recover best when in a safe, secure, supportive, and medically supervised detox facility. Sound Recovery Center's medical detox center consists of highly trained addiction treatment doctors, nurses, and staff to make sure addicts and alcoholics are weaned off the drugs in medically sound manner. Alcohol and certain drug dependencies require more specific addiction treatment than other substance. Below is a brief list of drugs that are best treated in a detox center:

Medically Managed Detox Center Can Help Control Withdrawals

Withdrawal and physical dependency are two facets that make treating addiction in a detox center so important. Going through withdrawals affects every addict differently but can range from mild to severe and in certain instances can even be life threatening. Some of the more effects of going through withdrawal are:

  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Chills alternating with sweats
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle aches
  • Runny nose
  • Excessive Restlessness
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Agitation
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability

How Long Does A Stay At Royal Life Centers Detox Center Last?

Your stay at our detox center will be as long as you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, and as long as it takes for the addict or alcoholics to be stable physically, mentally, and are ready to transition to the next level of care. Going to Royal Life Centers detox center and detox treatment program will help you safely and securely no longer be physically dependent on the drugs, which will allow you to prepare for the next phase of treatment. Typically, after attending a drug and alcohol detox center, addicts and alcoholics are now ready for the work that lies ahead in counseling, therapy, and learning new livings skills.

For some people, a medically supervised detox center is important because there are issues with depression or other mental health concerns that need to be addressed as well. Depression, anxiety, and other co-occurring issues are fairly common in people who are first getting clean or sober, which makes medical supervision all that much more important during the detox process. While there is no definite time that you may stay in detox, as it is evaluated on a case by case basis, typical stays are between 4-8 days depending on medical necessity. 

Drug and Alcohol Detox Admissions Process

Finding the right detox center or drug detox program doesn't have to be difficult. We have helped people just like you get off of drugs and alcohol, and go back to living full healthy, productive, happy lives. Whether you're calling for yourself and are experiencing withdrawals or calling for a loved one, we have trained and experienced drug addiction counselors standing by to answer your call. Call today and take the first step towards a better life.

Drugs Not Working Anymore? Lasting Sobriety Is Possible!

Drug Detox Program For Those Who Need it Most. Safe, Secure, and Medically Supervised Drug Detox Programs.

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We Accept Most Major Insurance Providers.